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Donor Stories

  • Blessed by a Donor's Generosity
    Blessed by a Donor's Generosity
    Last spring, William Crowe, a St. Louis seminary student, received a scholarship from the Ernest and Ruth Bolland Charitable Trust...
  • RJ and Robert Nitsche
    RJ and Robert Nitsche
    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Jamin Barrett Nitsche Memorial Endowment Fund, a scholarship fund at LFOT...
  • Lisa Kay Karle Endowment
    Lisa Kay Karle Endowment
    It was the spring of 2013 when the Lutheran Foundation of Texas began discussing the possibility of establishing an endowment...
  • Dorothy Williamson
    Dorothy Williamson
    Dorothy Williamson was born in Oklahoma City, OK. She was the sixth of seven children in very loving German Lutheran family.
  • C.K. Koelle
    C.K. Koelle
    Claremont Kenneth (CK) Koelle, a devoted farmer, rancher and Christian gentleman, died in 2012 at age 92. He was born...
  • Joan Krause
    Joan Krause
    Joan Krause is also a lifelong Lutheran who has attended Holy Cross in Dallas for many years.
  • Norma Schaefer
    Norma Schaefer
    Norma Schaefer was a lifelong Lutheran who lived a productive life for 99 and a half years.
  • Shirley Yoakum
    Shirley Yoakum
    Shirley Yoakum is a lifelong Lutheran who is active in her congregation, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio.
  • Morales Family Endowment
    Morales Family Endowment
    A family's love for one another is a difficult thing to describe. It can be witnessed, it can be demonstrated...
  • Herb and Patricia Noack
    Herb and Patricia Noack
    Herb and Patricia Noack met at an early age in Del Rio, Texas. They dated throughout high school and married in 1964.